Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dirty Story #1, continued

Feel free to catch up on the first half of the story and all about DirtyGirl.

We continue the story where we left off, midway through one of the longest, craziest, most unexpected nights I had with Dirty. What started off as a weeknight drink at a bar turned into a night of crazy sex with strangers, hot tubs and bear-skin rugs.

Speaking of bear skin rugs, that's where I discovered dirty. Naked, laying across the ShyGuy, also naked, in front of a romantically crackling fire. It was quite a sight, believe me. I considered leaving them alone and even started walking down the hall, but reconsidered and returned to stick my head around the corner. "Dirty, are you awake?" I whispered. She turned her head to smile at me and gestured to me to come in. I walked past her and sank into the giant beanbag where I could watch Dirty and could feel the warmth of the fire.

Dirty lifted herself off ShyGuy and crawled over to lay next to me. "We didn't have sex" she whispered in my ear, "he just wanted to lay there, but I am so fucking horny..." Dirty slid her hand under my jockeys and stroked me as ShyGuy got up, pulling on his shorts to sit near us on the couch. When Dirty pulled down my jockeys to start giving me proper attention, ShyGuy started to get up and asked if he should go.
I assured him he could stay and Dirty reached over to touch and rub him while attending to me with her other hand. Shortly, Dirty was on top of me and ShyGuy was temporarily forgotten. Once she was done having her way with me, she rolled off to lay in between ShyGuy and me.

He had been watching us, stroking himself, so Dirty took over, going down on him with enthusiasm. Ready to go again, she rolled on a condom and whispered loudly, "i'm gonna fuck you". A fact he certainly knew.
She climbed on top of ShyGuy and looked over to give me a naughty look as he slid inside her. She rode him while I watched, coming at least two times before giving up on him and collapsing on the beanbag next to me. We all slept where we were for an hour or so until light started shining in the windows.

The ShyGuy dressed and made us coffee as we rounded up strewn clothing and wandered around the house to see it in the light. There was small talk over coffee and ShyGuy offered to get us onto the ski slope for free, but we were exhausted and bid farewell. Though we all talked like we'd see each other again, we never did.

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