Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dirty Story #2, continued

Continued from Dirty Story 2

"We want to watch you touch yourself" said Berry with a smile, her wide eyes focused on my crotch.

Though I was a bit surprised, I was certainly game for upping the ante. "Right here?" I asked. Berry nodded and lay back against Dirty again so she could continue the fondling while they watched me.

I slowly resumed my tease, one hand roaming my body while the other became the focus of attention. First outside my shorts, then inside. The music was a slow deep beat. My body rocked and swayed on it's own. My eyes closed while I focused on what I was doing to myself: How it felt to stand, nearly naked, caressing my skin, stroking my cock. I wondered what I must look like, lost in a moment with myself when I was supposed to be putting on a show.

I slowly opened my eyes and returned to the scene in front of me. Dirty and Berry were holding each other tightly, transfixed. I could see Dirty's hand tucked in Berry's panties, fingers sliding in and out, making the lace wet.

"Come closer" Berry beckoned with a slow come hither gesture.

Our eyes locked, I took a step closer so I was in reach. Without a word and our eyes still focused on each other, she slipped my undies down my thighs to fall to the ground, then pushed me back so she could let her eyes wander down my body.

While I stood completely naked and erect for them to admire, Berry turned and whispered something more in Dirty's ear. Dirty smiled, nodded, and whispered something back. Both ladies looked back at my crotch. "We want to ride that"

Without waiting for an answer, Berry stood up and pushed me down into a large beanbag in the middle of the room. She straddled me, still standing, so I could admire her body. It was quite amazing. Though Berry is a few years older than me and has had a couple kids, it barely showed...slender muscled thighs, flat but soft stomach, C cup natural breasts with large dark nipples, and a muscled ass that just asked to be grabbed. I did nothing but watch, however, as she did a little sexy swaying dance, like a stripper on stage, as she slowly pulled down her soaking panties and kicked them away. Continuing the tease, Berry leaned over to put her hand on my shoulder and her tits in front of my face. With her free hand, she teased a nipple, then let her hand wander down her stomach to find her pussy. I watched two fingers disappear, then watched her pull them out and bring them to my lips, sliding them inside the way she had just done to her pussy. The taste of her juices was amazingly intoxicating, as was the knowledge of how wet my dancing had made her.

With complete confidence and without breaking eye contact, Berry knelt down, rolled on a miraculously appearing condom, and slid me inside her. Rocking her hips slightly, her head fell back and a low moan escaped her lips. Looking back at me with a pleased smile, Berry stated “mmmm, that's what I wanted!” Her rocking sped up and her breathing increased. With one hand clawing my chest and the other pinching her nipple, Berry came hard and fast, shallow moans escaping with each wave of pleasure. As the orgasm subsided, Berry slowed her rocking and leaned down to kiss me deep and wet. She whispered “that was fantastic, thank you very much!” then rose to look at Dirty and tell her “your turn honey!”

The rest of the evening, what I can remember through the drug haze, was spent by the three of us mixing, matching, performing every sex act we could imagine between three people. It was an intense and unforgettable experience. The threesome, all equally attracted to each other, having no concerns but how to maximize the giving and taking of physical pleasure. I could not have hoped or planned for such a night. Maybe it was the fact that it wasn't planned, but just happened in the moment that made it so amazing. Again please!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dirty Story #2

You guys apparently like it dirty, and i'm happy to accommodate.

It had been almost a month since Dirty ended things with me. It was a no-nonsense affair. She told me she was ready for a serious boyfriend, and she knew that wasn't what I wanted, so she was done. I couldn't argue. She was right: I didn't want to be her boyfriend, so I wished her good luck. We hadn't sent 2 texts since.

I spent the early evening at a friend's house party. I wasn't getting anything but boring chit-chat, so I left around midnight, figuring I might as well get a good night's sleep. I was literally just getting into bed when I got a txt from Dirty.

Dirty: Whatcha up to tonight?
Me: Just got home, going to bed
Dirty: My girl and I are in town, we want to party. You have rolls?
Me: Yes I do. Come on over :)

I knew who "my girl" was. Dirty met her at a party a few months before...and fucked her. She was that kind of friend. I also knew that if Dirty wanted to roll, she wanted to fuck. This was gonna be an adventure. It didn't matter that this party was just starting and it was 1am. I was down.

Dirty and Berry showed up 30 mins later. Dirty was hammered and could barely stand up, but she was flirty and was ready to keep the party going. Berry was wearing a tiny halter-top mini-dress, barely covering great boobs and riding up so I could almost see her black lace undies. She was friendly, but obviously a bit nervous. Luckily that didn't last.

We took our rolls, smoked a bowl, and made ourselves comfortable to wait for the come-up. The chit-chat turned to how Dirty and Berry had met. They both had twinkles in their eyes as they described the initial sparks and then sneaking away to have some naked fun with each other. It was quite a sexy story and i'm pretty sure it turned them on to tell it. It certainly turned me on to hear it. These two girls obviously had some serious sexual chemistry. If I played my cards right, I was going to be one lucky man.

One of the girls suggested we get in the hot tub, and who was I to argue. The hot tub is always a good idea, especially when the girls don't happen to have swim suits. I was the first in, naked and unashamed, so I got a good look at the girls as they followed. Dirty was as sexy as ever though a bit tanner than I remembered. Berry was quite a sight as well. She was shorter but had larger (real) breasts and more of an ass than Dirty. I love some curves, but it was her smile that got me. A sexy smirk more than a smile: there was more going on in her head than she was letting on, and I liked it.

I decided before the girls arrived that I was not going to make any moves or be forward at all. I was going to go with the flow and let the girls call the shots. So, even though I was with two fantastically naked women in my hot tub, I kept my distance and continued to converse like were sitting on the couch. Dirty, on the other hand was cuddling up behind Berry, one hand fondling her breasts and the other between her thighs. I became just a voyeur as the girls focused on each other, kissing, touching, caressing...the E was starting to work it's magic. Berry soon had Dirty sitting on the side of the hot tub and had buried her face between Dirty's thighs. Dirty's head was thrown back and one leg lifted up over Berry's shoulder as Berry's tongue did it's work. It only took a minute before Dirty was stifling the moans of her orgasm, body quivering as she ground her hips into Berry's mouth. I knew Dirty's orgasm sounds well enough to know that it had been an amazing one. Once she had recovered, Dirty lifted Berry up out of the water to pull her mouth to hers, both to show her gratitude, and to taste her pussy on Berry's lips...I wondered if Berry realized that was what Dirty was doing. I knew because I asked once why she always kissed me after I made her come that way.

We were all really coming up by now and Berry wanted to dance, so we quickly dried off and headed inside. The girls just pulled on panties and bras, while I covered up, again not wanting to be too forward. By the time I had joined the girls in the living room, they had some house music bumping and were dancing and grinding on each other; hands all over each other's bodies. Berry was obviously getting comfortable with me, because as soon as I joined them, she pulled me in between the two of them so they could dance up on me. I turned to face Dirty and she pulled me in to kiss her. It was a sensual, passionate kiss. Dirty was obviously feeling sexy fantastic, and I was loving it.

After the kiss, Dirty whispered into my ear "you should get dressed up and dance for us" and gave me a naughty smile. I knew what she wanted. For the first 'rave' party I had at my house, I sewed myself a sexy little costume. It was a lime green spandex belly shirt with a pink fleece star on the chest. The bottoms were tiny hot pants, made out of the same green spandex with a pink fleece codpiece. Not masculine in the least, and though I won't wear it sober, I love to wear it when i'm rolling and give sexy strip teases for the ladies. Believe me, I really know how to shake it, and it drives the girls wild. If Dirty was asking, I was happy to put on a show.

While I disappeared to the bedroom, Dirty and Berry turned on the black lights, picked out a perfect song, and cuddled up on the couch to await my reveal. It's difficult for me to describe what I looked like, as I have never given a strip tease in front of a mirror, but the girls were transfixed. First, Berry gasped loudly when she saw my outfit, brightly glowing lime green and pink, then she giggled and let out a cheer. Dirty snuggled up to Berry, hands roaming, and started cat-calling "shake it!" "show us that ass!".
I was completely into it, feeling the music and the E, encouraged by the girls, I felt like pure sex. My hands sliding over my chest, stomach, down to my croch, eliciting squeals of delight from the audience. I knew why Dirty wanted me to dance. She knew it brought the unrestrained sexual being out in me, and she loved to watch it.

After the song was over, Berry called me to come closer so she could touch the pink fleece codpiece, which was now only barely concealing how hard I was. Feeling it, Berry smiled with that sexy smirk and leaned over to whisper something to Dirty. Dirty's eyes flashed and she smiled, nodding her approval. Berry looked back at me and stated "we want to watch you touch yourself"...

...to be continued

Monday, August 15, 2011

Audience Participation Time

If you follow my twitterz, you might know already that DirtyGirl ended things a couple months ago. It was reason #2. However, I have a hundred stories of adventures with that girl that I may get around to recounting. The first story I told was fairly graphic, and though it was fun to recount, i'm not certain writing blue is my forte nor what the dozen or so readers want to read. I'm leaving the content of Dirty Story #2 up to you. To help you decide, here's the txt conversation that kicked things off:

Dirty: Whatcha up to tonight?
Me: Just got home, going to bed
Dirty: My girl and I are in town, we want to party. You have rolls?
Me: Yes I do. Come on over :)

So, graphic and sexy? or not.