Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dirty Story #2, continued

Continued from Dirty Story 2

"We want to watch you touch yourself" said Berry with a smile, her wide eyes focused on my crotch.

Though I was a bit surprised, I was certainly game for upping the ante. "Right here?" I asked. Berry nodded and lay back against Dirty again so she could continue the fondling while they watched me.

I slowly resumed my tease, one hand roaming my body while the other became the focus of attention. First outside my shorts, then inside. The music was a slow deep beat. My body rocked and swayed on it's own. My eyes closed while I focused on what I was doing to myself: How it felt to stand, nearly naked, caressing my skin, stroking my cock. I wondered what I must look like, lost in a moment with myself when I was supposed to be putting on a show.

I slowly opened my eyes and returned to the scene in front of me. Dirty and Berry were holding each other tightly, transfixed. I could see Dirty's hand tucked in Berry's panties, fingers sliding in and out, making the lace wet.

"Come closer" Berry beckoned with a slow come hither gesture.

Our eyes locked, I took a step closer so I was in reach. Without a word and our eyes still focused on each other, she slipped my undies down my thighs to fall to the ground, then pushed me back so she could let her eyes wander down my body.

While I stood completely naked and erect for them to admire, Berry turned and whispered something more in Dirty's ear. Dirty smiled, nodded, and whispered something back. Both ladies looked back at my crotch. "We want to ride that"

Without waiting for an answer, Berry stood up and pushed me down into a large beanbag in the middle of the room. She straddled me, still standing, so I could admire her body. It was quite amazing. Though Berry is a few years older than me and has had a couple kids, it barely showed...slender muscled thighs, flat but soft stomach, C cup natural breasts with large dark nipples, and a muscled ass that just asked to be grabbed. I did nothing but watch, however, as she did a little sexy swaying dance, like a stripper on stage, as she slowly pulled down her soaking panties and kicked them away. Continuing the tease, Berry leaned over to put her hand on my shoulder and her tits in front of my face. With her free hand, she teased a nipple, then let her hand wander down her stomach to find her pussy. I watched two fingers disappear, then watched her pull them out and bring them to my lips, sliding them inside the way she had just done to her pussy. The taste of her juices was amazingly intoxicating, as was the knowledge of how wet my dancing had made her.

With complete confidence and without breaking eye contact, Berry knelt down, rolled on a miraculously appearing condom, and slid me inside her. Rocking her hips slightly, her head fell back and a low moan escaped her lips. Looking back at me with a pleased smile, Berry stated “mmmm, that's what I wanted!” Her rocking sped up and her breathing increased. With one hand clawing my chest and the other pinching her nipple, Berry came hard and fast, shallow moans escaping with each wave of pleasure. As the orgasm subsided, Berry slowed her rocking and leaned down to kiss me deep and wet. She whispered “that was fantastic, thank you very much!” then rose to look at Dirty and tell her “your turn honey!”

The rest of the evening, what I can remember through the drug haze, was spent by the three of us mixing, matching, performing every sex act we could imagine between three people. It was an intense and unforgettable experience. The threesome, all equally attracted to each other, having no concerns but how to maximize the giving and taking of physical pleasure. I could not have hoped or planned for such a night. Maybe it was the fact that it wasn't planned, but just happened in the moment that made it so amazing. Again please!

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