Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cast of Characters: Dirty Girl

You may remember “My Brother the Man-Whore”.  As it turns out, there is more to that story.  The brief recap is that my brother picked up some girls at a club and got them back to my house, where one of the girls gave him a strip tease.  They left with our phone numbers, but neither of us heard anything and more and we figured that we’d never hear from them again.  A couple weeks later, my brother was back in town and he amazingly set us up to meet the girls again at a piano bar downtown.  We met them and a couple other friends and had a good time.  Later we all went back to one of the friends’ apartments, while my brother and strip-tease snuck out for some sexual relations.

The next day, I was surprised find a friend invite from strip-tease on facebook!  We emailed a bit and decided to wingman each other next time we go out.  I was actually excited about this prospect because honestly, my brother is a shitty wingman.  He has great game, but he always monopolizes the hotter girl and bails on me.  Plus, having a hot girl wingman has got to give you points with other hot girls, right?

Before we got a chance to go out, she invited me to her birthday party, convincing me by claiming there were gonna be hot girls and a lot of booze.  Of course I went.  There were indeed hot girls and lots of booze, but strip-tease started flirting with me the moment I walked in!  One never to reject a hot flirt, I joined in and before the end of the night, we end up kissing on the porch...

Not being a complete whore, I called a time-out to ask her what was going on, both with me and my brother.  After she explained that there wasn’t really anything going on between them, and she really wanted to date me, we both agreed to talk to my brother, her to end things, and me to make sure he was cool with this change of events.

His reaction was an incredulous, “she really said that?!”, when I told him strip-tease wanted to date me.  Regardless he was cool with it, acknowledging that there wasn’t anything going on between them, and with that, strip-tease became known as Dirty Girl.

I should take a paragraph here to describe Dirty Girl for you.  First, I should say she is definitely the hottest girl I have ever dated...by a long shot.  She’s the kind of girl that every guy stares at when she walks past.  Tall, yet always wearing heels to show off her legs and ass.  Fantastic boobs, (which are fake, but done so well you can’t tell till you feel them).  and a face to match her body...she just oozes sexuality.

I invited Dirty Girl to come to a house party I was throwing, our ‘first date’, which was, incidentally, going to be a roll party.  Whatever misgivings I had about dating Dirty right after my brother vanished when she responded to the invite with real enthusiasm about starting things off by taking ecstasy and getting crazy with me in a house full of strangers....I’m already infatuated!

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