Friday, July 8, 2011

Promiscuous to save the Nation

I found two interesting studies. The first ranked the promiscuity of western industrialized nations. The UK, Germany and the Netherlands held the top spots with the US at 6th.
The second study compared the rates of many proclaimed harmful outcomes of promiscuity (Teen Pregnancy, Teen Birth Rate, Teen Abortion Rate, and HIV Infection Rate) of Germany, France and the Netherlands, to the United States.
It found that in Germany, the second most promiscuous country, to have HALF the abortion rate, a THIRD the HIV infection rate, a THIRD the pregnancy rate, and an EIGHTH the birth rate of the US, a significantly less promiscuous country.
Clearly, there is a negative correlation between promiscuity levels and harmful outcomes. In fact, the second study calculated that the US would save $400 MILLION dollars a year in public money if it were able to lower it’s rates to those of Germany.
Let me restate that. If US sexual behavior matched that of Germany (ie. was MORE promiscuous) Americans would save half a BILLION dollars in public money.
I figure I have a lot of work to do if I want to make a real difference in this country.


  1. HAHA! Love it! What is the big deal with being promiscuous anyway? It's life and no one has the right to tell another person how to live it. x

  2. You don't live in America, sweetheart. Here, more than 10 partners makes you a slut and ruins your chances of ever getting married, not to mention all the STDs you will catch or all the abortions you will have.

  3. Too bad Germans have stopped having germans. Only 1.41 babies per woman per lifetime.
    It'll take a lot of immigration to make up for that fall in the workforce.
    And by that time, will Germany still be German?

    The other question to raise is what the rates are w/ African Americans removed from the rates. There are serious problems in the black community in a host of issues, and these are changing the distribution.

  4. @Geoff
    Why do you necessarily conclude that a shrinking population is bad? If the population decreases, would it not make sense that you don't need the same workforce? Also, in the modern world, technology constantly reduces the need for human workers, but that isn't a bad thing for the economy.

    I don't see how isolating a population based on skin color changes the lesson learned from the data.

  5. Love your blog. It's interesting to see things from a mans point of view (e.g. very different)

  6. Finally, a cause I can get behind! Sign me up!

    Great title for a blog, by the way.