Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cast of Characters: Delight in Afternoon.

In the course of meeting couples with Rebound, about a third of the dates never made it past drinks.  It was usually that they weren’t what we had expected or hoped:  One or both weren’t as hot as they looked online, there wasn’t any chemistry, or one of us just wasn’t feeling it, it didn’t really matter.  If either one of us wasn’t into them, we would call it a night after the drink.  

It was on one of these one-drink dates I met Delight.  Taller, with nice curves, great natural tits and a naughty twinkle in her eye, Delight and her hubby had a _very_ open relationship.  They were both seriously dating at least one person each, on the side, but would swing together on occasion.  Rebound wasn’t in to the hubby from the get-go.  He was shy, nerdy, not particularly attractive, and Rebound gave me the no-go sign before the first round of expensive martinis had even arrived.  

I was surprised the next morning by a flirty txt from Delight.  I responded in kind, as I LOVE txt flirting; especially the witty exchanges rife with sexual undertones that are more verbal foreplay than conversation.  Delight knew how to play the game well, and by lunch we were both so incredibly horny she agreed to meet at my house in 30 minutes.

She was able to play it cool until I had closed the front door behind her, but immediately had me pressed up against it, her tongue in my mouth and her hands groping my ass.  The sex was fast and furious as she had no patience for foreplay and demanded I fuck her as hard as possible.  It turned out that was pretty hard indeed, and we literally exhausted ourselves and rubbed our sexy bits raw in the effort.

I quickly learned Delight had an olympic libido.  That despite having a husband and TWO boyfriends who all fucked her regularly, she was booty-txting me twice a week for a lunch hour of very vigorous sexing.

I found this nicely ego-inflating as I reasoned I must be a pretty spectacular lover for a woman, who has unfettered access to three other cocks, to demand repeat performances on a semiweekly basis.

Except for a week-long stretch where Delight and her hubby were being monogamous, (they needed to “put some time into their relationship”) we have been having lunch at least weekly...and by “having lunch”, I mean fucking...

...if that wasn’t obvious.

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