Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I recently received an email on okCupid from a not-unattractive girl in which she included a link to her fetlife.com profile.  It turns out the "fet" in "fetlife" is fetish, and the site is for the BDSM community, of which this girl is an active member.  I quickly started a profile, entering the minimum required, so I could get a peek under the curtain.
Three hours later, i'm officially interested in being tied up and spanked by this girl.  Literally two days later, I found this blog (without even looking for it, mind you) by a nice young woman chronicling her adventures in spanking.  For some reason, I had never considered myself into kink.  If I believed in karma, I might think the Universe wants me to get a good spanking.
I have since emailed and facebook friended GothGirl and have made plans to get a drink.  Maybe i'll end up tied to her bed and blindfolded...one can always hope!

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