Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Wedding Announcment

Not mine...obviously.
Bunny is a girl I have been seeing for a few months.  Well, "seeing" isn't the right word, as all we do is get high and fuck.  I met Bunny on okCupid, where she sent me an email, which led to txting, facebook stalking, and then chatting, where the conversation quickly turned to sex and getting high, and how those were both of our favorite things to do.
We met a couple days later at a bar near my place, and after a drink and some pleasant conversation I invited her back to my house.  A 5 minute drive later and we were hitting my bong and fucking...crazy amazing drug-addled fucking.
Bunny is 23, short, cute, curvy, and absolutely insatiable.  She entertains herself abusing me for the next three hours before announcing she needs to leave, as she has an hour drive home and needs to work in the morning.  After quickly gathering her strewn clothing, she gives me a peck on this lips and says "that was fun, lets do it again", then lets herself out.
We have been repeating the preceding scenario once a week since then.  She arrives around 7pm.  We smoke, head straight to the bedroom till 10, and she's off.  No talk of anything except which position she wants me in.  No chit-chat, no relationship talk, just getting high and fucking each others brains out.
I have to say, it's definitely the easiest relationship with a woman I have ever had.

Oh yes, the wedding announcement!
I was perusing facebook, as I am want to do 20 times a day, and I see a post from Bunny, how she's "so glad she can tell people that she's engaged! Moving to the NE next month!" followed by a pic of her and a boy...
A quick txt confirms that yes, she is engaged and moving away in a month, but can she see me a few more times before she moves?
I may be a slut, and though i'll never make that mistake again, I have some respect for marriage.  Luckily, she explained that they have an open relationship, he knows about me, they have an understanding about her needs, and am I busy thursday night?

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